mes excuses au 2-3 lecteurs réguliers de ce blog pour une très longue absence, aujourd’hui est une bonne journée pour faire un peu de rattrapage avec la sortie de 4 excellents albums:

Willi Carlisle Peculiar, Missouri

Un de mes disque les plus attendu de l’année et il ne déçoit pas!

Tami Neilson Kingmaker

Un disque éclectique pour la Néo Zélandaise d’origine canadienne.

The Local Honeys S/T

Paru chez l’excellent label La Honda Records le duo du Kentucky live l’ un des meilleurs album paru cette année

Arlo Mckinley This Mess We’re In

2e album chez Oh Boy records le label de John Prine.

Nina Nastasia – Riderless Horse

1er album en 12 ans pour Nina Nastasia dont j’ai déjà parlé plus longuement ici. Certainement un de mes album le plus attendu cette année.

La triste histoire derrière le nouvel album dans ses mots:

«Riderless Horse is my first solo record, and it’s the first record my former partner, Kennan Gudjonsson, didn’t produce.

I haven’t made an album since 2010. I decided to stop pursuing music several years after my sixth record, Outlaster, because of unhappiness, overwhelming chaos, mental illness, and my tragically dysfunctional relationship with Kennan. Creating music had always been a positive outlet during difficult times, but eventually it became a source of absolute misery.

Kennan, a cat and I lived in a studio apartment in NYC for 25 years, finding ways to survive while making records and going on tours. Our apartment was the place where people would come stay, eat, drink, play music, and use our tub. It was quite a home we had created, but it was decaying steadily from the moment we moved in, and in the end, it was as if black mold was growing beneath the surface, undetected, and the two of us were dying and getting too weak to ever leave. We loved each other. We were each other’s family, but there was ongoing abuse, control and manipulation. We hid. We didn’t want anyone to see how ugly things could get, so we increasingly isolated from our friends and family. We were lost.

On January 26, 2020, I made the decision to separate and live apart, and on January 27, Kennan died by suicide. What a thing, suicide. I can only feel sadness and guilt about it. Maybe I’ll have other reactions to it later on.

Riderless Horse documents the grief, but it also marks moments of empowerment and a real happiness in discovering my own capability. Steve Albini produced this record with me, and Greg Norman assisted. The three of us are old friends, and we did a field recording in a guesthouse built like a lighthouse that two very dear friends of mine have in Esopus, NY. It was exactly the right environment to work on this record. We all had meals together, cried, laughed, and told stories. It was perfect. It made me realize how much I love writing, playing and recording music.

Terrible things happen. These were some terrible things. So, what to do – learn something valuable, connect with people, move the fuck out of that apartment, remember the humor, find the humor, tell the truth, and make a record. I made a record.»

L’album sort sur Temporary Residence Ltd et on peut le commander sur bandcamp ici

La compagnie réédite aussi certains albums qui n’etaient pas disponibles digitalement avant.

du gros gros calibre!

Tiré de On Leaving paru en 2006:

Apollo Ghost – Pink Tiger

Apollo Ghost est un groupe de Vancouver mené par Adrian Teacher que j’aimais beaucoup il y a une dizaine d’année.

J’avais un peu perdu le fil après cela mais il viennent tout juste de sortir un album double vraiment fantastique.

Le premier disque est composé de petite vignettes folk minimalistes au mélodies incroyables.

Le deuxième album lui est électrique et beaucoup plus festif, les mélodies sont toujours aussi bonnes.

Sans aucun doute un de mes disque favori à la fin de l’année.

Et un succès souvenir de l’album Mount Benson paru en 2010

Jake Xerxes Fussell – Good and Green Again et Tiny desk concert

Jake Xerxes Fussell est l’un de mes artiste folk préféré et il vient tout juste de sortir un nouvel album Good and Green Again. L’album est excellent (comme d’habitude) et figurera très certainement dans la liste de mes meilleurs albums de 2022.

NPR viennent aussi tout juste de sortir une toute ausi excellente session Tiny Desk.